Rabbinical References

Personal References

"I know the Burd family and can attest to their sincerity, religious observance and trustworthiness.  They will fulfill all obligations to others that they take upon themselves.  I wish them the best of success in all their endeavors."

Rabbi Berel Wein, one of Jewry's foremost historians and world-renowned author and lecturer. (www.rabbiwein.com)

"Gershon and Batya Burd are members of the Bircas HaTorah community.  I know them as G-d-fearing, observant Jews, meticulous in their fulfillment of the commandments between a person and G-d, and between one person and another, and worthy of trust."

Rabbi Shimon Green, Rosh Yeshiva Bircas HaTorah, Old City, Jerusalem. (www.bircas.org)

Permission and blessings to run WesternWallPrayers.org were received from

HaRav Avigdor HaLevi Nebensahl, Chief Rabbi of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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