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Our Shlicheem (Prayer Agents)

Our shlicheem help people all over the world through the unique strength of prayers uttered at the Western Wall, while at the same time raising money for Torah institutions as well as families and individuals involved in Torah learning in Jerusalem.

Reb Daryl Michel

Reb Michel is the manager (Gabi) of Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah.  He grew up in South Africa and moved to Israel together with his wife 8 years ago.  They have 2 children. Reb Michel is a role model to all who know him, combining both exceptional Torah scholarship (the classic Jewish title of praise “talmid chacham” definitely fits him) and good character.

Reb David Hamberstone

Reb Hamberstone studies full-time at Zilbermans’ yeshiva.  He, his wife, 4 children, parents and extended family all live in the Old City of Jerusalem. He is a talmid chacham and has exceptional self-sacrifice (mesiras nefesh) for Torah.  In spite of his vast scholarship, he is known to all as an incredibly humble human being.

PhotographRabbi Mordechai Sheef

Rabbi Sheef is the spiritual counselor (mashgiach) of Zilbermans’ yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem. He looks after the well-being of the yeshiva’s students and staff with warmth and dedication.  He is a second generation Jerusalemite and has 9 children.  Rav Sheef is known for his refined speech - speaking only of matters connected to Torah.

Reb Nachshum Rafaeli

Reb Rafaeli is a second generation Jerusalemite.  He is one of the top learners at Zilbermans’ yeshiva and is known for his helpfulness.  He, his wife, 3 children and parents all live in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Pesach Tzvi Dan Sieger

Reb Dan Sieger grew up in the city of B’nei B’rak, near Tel Aviv. He studies at Zilbermans’ yeshiva where he also teaches a class on a classic guide to character improvement, Path of the Just.  He is known as a great Torah scholar and a righteous person (tzaddik).  He has 8 children and lives in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Reb Yosef Citron

Reb Citron divides his time primarily between praying at the Kotel and learning at Zilbermans’  yeshiva, where he has studied for 10 years.  He also teaches Talmud. He is the grandson of the famed Rav Reuben of Jerusalem and has 4 children. 

These are just a few of our shlicheem. We unfortunately cannot take requests for particular shlicheem. Prayer agents are based on availability, which, according to the Torah, is determined through divine providence (hashgaha pratis).

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