Why Do So Many Flock to Rebbe Shimon’s Kever on Lag B’Omer? We Will!!

There’s a spiritual light in the air as we approach the 33rd day of the Omer (Lag B’Omer), and then finally, the 50th day of the Omer (Shavuos).

Kids are busy gathering their wood pieces and everyone else is deciding whether and how they will have the strength to make it to Rebbe Shimon’s kever that day (along with hundreds of thousands of their brethren).

I was at a lecture given by Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman in Jerusalem the other day.  The Rebbetzin said that 38 years ago, a person could take her entire family to Rebbe Shimon’s kever on his yarzheit and there would be more than enough space to pray at the kever and run around.

This seems unimaginable to anyone who has recently been to the kever on Lag B’Omer.  It seems like the entire nation of Israel gathers there now.

She had an explanation for this phenomenon.

There once was a gezeira (spiritual decree) that the generation before Mashiach would all be Am Haaretzim (ignoramuses in Torah).

Rebbe Shimon prayed and prayed and managed to get this decree overturned for us.

Now we see, that in our generation (the generation before Mashiach please G-d), there are more yeshivos, kollels and shuls than ever before!!

Perhaps this is why we have such a connection to Rebbe Shimon – out of our soul’s gratitude to the Rav for our present Torah wealth.

The heavenly gates are wide open at his kever on that day for anything that you want.

Our holy prayer agents will be travelling there to daven their hearts out on this 33rd day of the Omer.

They can either say a personal prayer and psalms, or they can say a personal prayer as well as the special long prayer written at the tzaddik’s kever.  They can do this for you…

A donation of $18 or $36 respectively is requested.

Don’t miss out!
Requests need to be made in the next few days.

(You can choose which type of prayer you would like under “Prayer Option”.)

With blessings for success and happiness from Jerusalem,


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