40 days from Purim to Pesach and Rav Chaim on Shidduchim

We’re SO excited!! 24 days til Purim!  As you may already know, on Purim, if a person asks us for tzedaka, we don’t check their credentials (as we would during the rest of the year); instead we just give without question.  So too, we trust Hashem will mirror our actions, by giving us whatever we ask for, without looking into whether or not we are worthy.  The essence of Purim is prayer!!!  It’s an eis ratzon (opportune time).  We are supposed to ask our Abba for EVERYTHING on that day.  Don’t forget! (We won’t…)

Incidentally, a friend of a friend heard Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, himself say that there existed a negative spiritual decree in shemayim in recent years that made it hard for many people to get married to the right person.   The Gadol declared that this gezeira was officially lifted this Rosh Hashanah – 5778.  That means that it will be easier for our prayers for marriage to be answered now please G-d, and hopefully for everything else as well!

40 days fall between the Fast of Esther (Feb 28), 2 days before Purim, and the 8th day of Passover.

What an incredible 40 days of prayer here at the Kotel!  Purim is so holy that the official name of Yom Kippur is Yom HaKippurim, or “a day like Purim”.  This time culminates in Pesach, during which the splitting of the red sea happened on the 7th day and the nation of Israel was freed from slavery and officially began their journey as ‘the chosen people’.  Yes I am referring to you chosen person!

We know that the calendar year holds within it certain spiritual energy that we are supposed to use in order to help ourselves get to our own redemption.  Each one of us struggles in a unique way, but each one of us attains our own personal redemption in the same way – through Torah, acts of loving kindness and prayer. We set up this non-profit as a way for you to do all 3 in one go.  Let’s all succeed together!

We will be at the Kotel davening hard for these 40 days between Taanis Esther and the 8th day of Pesach.

Be there with us!

With blessings,


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