Purim is for Prayer!! And How You Can Make Better Decisions In Life…

This is it – Purim is in the air and is coming up in just 2 and a half weeks.  It is an incredibly powerful day of prayer and teshuva.  In fact, Purim is so holy that Yom Kippur is actually called ‘Yom HaKippurim’ – a day that is like Purim.  We are meant to pour our hearts and souls out to Hashem and ask him for absolutely everything we need!  Don’t get too distracted by everything else going on in the day – Purim is for prayer!!  That’s why we are sending a prayer agent to the Kotel that day to say extra Tehillim on your behalf if you sign up for the 40 days between Ta’anis Esther and the 8th day of Pesach now!

Rabbis always tell me that peoples’ main issue is what to do in life.   Everyone wants to know what decisions to make.  How do I pick the best career for me, get the best job in the best place and for the best pay?  How do I pick the best spouse for me?  What makes this even more complicated is that there is no objective answer to this – what’s best for someone else likely won’t be best for you.  Plus, what you think is best for you may not wind up being best – only G-d knows what in the end is really best for us.

There is something you can do about this.

David HaMelech says that we should pray to Hashem that our thoughts and decisions should reflect Hashem’s will for us.

Every day when we wake up, we can say ‘Hashem, please guide all of my thoughts, decisions and actions today to be in line with what You want for me’.  Then you can relax – because even though you are driving the car, you are driving it in G-d’s direction, where the destination is the absolute best for your soul’s destiny.  When we take control, although we feel more secure on the outside, in truth we are less secure because inside we know that we cannot possibly know what’s best for us.  But when we give up control of the map by letting G-d “waze” the way, we can relax and feel more confident that whatever will be, is really the best for me.

We are here to help you with these and all of your prayers at the holiest place on earth for one of the holiest times of the year!  The Kabbalah sources teach that the feminine presence of G-d (the Shechina) will always dwell at the Kotel – especially during this time of hidden and revealed miracles.

May Hashem bless us all with perfect direction, with the ability to let go of full control of the wheel and with only revealed good on the stops and path of your life!

Pray for me through Purim and Pesach and we will say extra psalms for you on Purim!!! (If you haven’t already signed up.)

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