Take the opportunity now! Purim through Pesach 40 days! And Mazel Tovs to…

We miss you!  What’s happening in your life?

We feel very much invested in you, your successes and challenges, and feel honored and privileged that you share with us your prayer needs.

May Hashem soon answer all of them!

Some Mazel Tovs first… Mazel Tov to Shoshana on her engagement to Yehoshua after her 40 days at the Kotel, Mazel Tov to Melissa on her victory in court during her 40 days, and Mazel Tov to Edward on landing his dream job after his 2nd round of 40 days!

If you didn’t already know, Judaica Press recently published a book about my late husband:  https://www.judaicapress.com/products/the-secret-life-of-gershon-burd

We have been getting beautiful reviews about how it changed people’s lives.

In it I discovered a new 40 days story I had either not known or forgotten…

My sister-in-law in America, Jessica Burd, had been dating for many years but had not even come close to meeting a man she would consider marrying.  Since her devoted brother, Gershon zt’l, lived so close to the Kotel and felt her pain, he decided to pray for her for 40 consecutive days.

Guess what?

On exactly the 40th day Jessica got engaged to an amazing man Shmuel.

She only found out later about the prayers at the Wall.

Shmuel later enabled Jessica to co-write this book and publish the story….

You just never know when it’s your turn.

In just 3 weeks begins an incredibly powerful 40 day period of which you have to take advantage!  March 10th is the day after Taanis Esther and 40 days later is the 8th of Pesach.
During this time passes arguably the most powerful prayer day of the year (Purim) and culminates in the splitting of the Red Sea  – a time so powerful that it is compared to the finding of shidduchim.

Don’t miss this amazing time at the Kotel.

Reserve your prayer shliach now!

With blessings for only good things!

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