Another Tu Bi’shvat Segula? Yes this one is on us!

For the first time ever, I am writing to you from the ‘occupied territory’ of the Old City of Jerusalem. Now, I don’t like to get political here, so instead I will get spiritual….
Ever notice how things sometimes get worse before they get better?
You have a serious pain in your stomach and for some reason the Dr. sends you to inflict more pain by operating? You were trying to get rid of your pain, not have to go through more!! Silly… you know that at the end of the operation, not only will the pain of the surgery subside, but also the stomach ache. The extra pain was just the way back to complete health and a lack of any pain. It was an ANSWER to your prayers for less pain, not a worsening of the pain! You have to trust in the process….
So too with the Geula.. if we truly want to ‘own’ this land, we may have to go through a process of being pained that we don’t truly have it first.
So what about our prayers – for marriage, for success? What if we just don’t see them coming to fruition right away? What if things are even getting harder or more confusing?
That’s when it is up to us to remember the secret – trust – in the process and in G-d. No prayer is ever wasted. Each of your prayers is being counted and safeguarded – building up a storage house for you to be released when the right time comes and for the right thing. We don’t know how many prayers a specific request needs, all we know is that we have to keep trying and doing more and letting go and trust in the process until it happens. Everything else is in G-d’s hands.
Speaking of adding to your prayer storehouses, I wanted to give you a Tu Bi’shvat present. Remember the segula to hang the name of someone who needs a shidduch around an almond tree for the whole of Tu Bi’shvat? After Tu Bi’shvat, we take the name down and send it to you so that you can keep it with you at all times (under your pillow or in your purse). Hamodia wrote about this Segula a few years ago here.
If you’d like us to do this for you, it would be our pleasure in appreciation for your ongoing support. Just fill in your details and prepay the postage online and we’ll mail you the almond-tree wrapped paper directly. Tu Bi’shvat falls on February 11 – in just over 2 weeks. Just click here to sign up and feel free to post/send to friends.
Remember that even though we do segulas, we don’t take them too seriously – they are to give us added help from Above. Ultimately we know that our prayers are answered by Hashem alone and He put these segulas into the world to help us, help ourselves.
With blessings for good news and enough prayers to put you over the top for all of your hopes and dreams!

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