Light versus Darkness and Your Chance for Zos Chanukah!

Happy Chodesh Cheshvan!

What a month!  It is the only month in the Jewish calendar with no holidays.  But it will be the month in which the 3rd Beit HaMikdash will be inaugurated – may it be soon!  And when it is, I hope we can merit to be the ones bringing your offerings to it. 🙂

So the days are now getting shorter and the nights getting longer.  The winter clothes are coming out and the sneezing is starting.  Did you know that before the flood of Noah, there was perfect weather all year round?  After the flood, Hashem made 4 seasons so that we would appreciate good weather when we have it.

It is the time of the year when darkness increases.  At the same time, spiritual light has the potential of shining the brightest.  At the creation of the world, there were 36 hours of the most powerful spiritual light in the Universe.  It was then hidden away as a result of the sin and only comes back to the world now through 2 things: 1) the 36 hidden tzaddikim in every generation (by the way it was just my late husband Gershon zt”l’s 3rd yahrzeit) 2) the light of Chanukah (36 candles not including the shamash).

So, in just over 40 days we will be able to access this light in our own homes.

It all culminates on Zos Chanukah (the 8th day of Chanukah).  On this day you can find every major kever in Israel filled to the brim with people praying for salvations of every kind.  The potential of this day for teshuva and answered prayers is so powerful that it is written about in many sefarim.

The 40 days leading up to Zos Chanukah starts in just 3 weeks (Nov 23)!  You can bet we will be at the Kotel in droves taking advantage of this precious time to beseech Hashem for the right marriage partners, for health, for success and everything else we need!

You can be there with us!

Daven for me for 40 days through the 8th day of Chanukah!

With blessings from Jerusalem that the light of miracles be revealed in your life now and always through answered prayers,


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