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1 Day Only Opportunity! Sefer Tehillim at King David’s Tomb

I am so excited because it’s almost Shavuos! Everyone has their favorite holiday.  My late husband’s was always Passover (he wasn’t the one cleaning for it ofcourse 🙁 ).  But seriously, a highlight of the year in Jerusalem is always Shavuos.  Such a high time of all-night Torah, trekking to the Kotel at all hours and flocks of people at the tomb of King David the whole night celebrating the anniversary of his yahrzeit (which is also his birthday).  We are always there, just outside the Old City walls, saying Tehillim for our families and I realized that you can and should be there with us as well.

This year we will have a Rabbi or learned person say the entire sefer Tehillim at the tomb – over 150 psalms – many of which King David himself wrote, specifically for your prayer request..  Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman was heard saying that when a person says Tehillim, King David’s lips move in his grave reciting the Tehillim with him.

Our generation is so lucky to be living in a time when it is possible to pray together at so many holy places.

A donation of $180 is requested.

You have until Wednesday, May 16 to put in your prayer request.  (Under Prayer Options, choose “Shavuos Sefer Tehillim at King David’s Tomb”.)

With blessings that all of your prayers are accepted wherever and whenever you say them,