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Last Chance for Purim to Pesach – and No Internet? Is That a Joke?

If you haven’t already signed up for prayers for this amazing period, what are you waiting for?

Purim through Pesach is an incredibly powerful time filled with the revelation of Hashem, and the potential to transform our character and soul.   Through restriction –  cutting out the unnecessary, the things that inflate our egos and false-selves, we become free to be the core of what we are.  Free to pursue and focus on that which truly is our life purpose and gives us simcha rather than the things that distract and take us away from our goals.

Recently I lost internet access for many months.

Can you imagine being without internet for several months?  If you can, hats off to you.  If you can’t, then join the crowd.

On the one hand, it was frustrating.  Work took much longer.  I had to travel to get anything done.  On the other hand, the amount of extra time it gave me at home was unbelievably liberating.  All of a sudden I had so much more free time.  Instead of naturally turning on the news, I had to find other things to do to fill my down-times.

What happened was that I gravitated to things that actually truly fed my life purpose.  I wrote.  I created.  I organized.  I ‘hung out’ with my older kids.  More than uncomfortable, it was truly freeing and liberating… allowing me to be free to focus on the real things in life.  That’s Pesach.  We cut out the things we don’t really need and are left with the basics of life.  How grounding.

For this, we need prayers and Hashem’s help.

May the Creator of the Universe answer all of our combined prayers and may you be liberated from that which enslaves you so that you can be free to do that which makes your soul truly happy!

With love and blessings from the place where heaven meets earth!


Purim Through Pesach 40 Days Almost Here and Some Mazel Tovs!

So exciting. I love Mazel Tov time! Who knows how many prayers and mitzvot it took to get these people here but we are happy that the 40 day prayers at the Kotel providentially happened at the time that the prayers were finally answered and so officially gets the credit. 🙂

First, and my favorite.  Perhaps you heard about the fall of TEVA, the Israeli pharmaceutical company, a few months ago?  We unfortunately did.  Among the big casualties was a good friend of our family, who had invested a much too heavy size of his family savings into the company when it was at 22+ pts.  To his horror, the stock dropped to 11pts.  He spent time in many classes strengthening his Emunah and getting blessings from Gedolim.  He decided to hired my bar mitzvah boy to trek to the Kotel daily for 40 days and recite books of tehillim to have the stock rise.  He also prayed from home.  At the end of the 40 days, Teva miraculously rebounded to 19 pts.

Great. But not enough to save his fortune.  After weeks of convincing again (40 days is a hard feat for anyone to take on, especially a teenager), my son agreed to pray for him for another round of 40 days.  He just needed 4 more pts to get out.  I am thrilled to say that during his second 40 days our friend was able to save his money when TEVA climbed to just above 22.5 for a brief point (the next morning it went right back down).

If G-d controls the heaven and the earth, it is truly no sweat for Him to control the stock market 🙂  So much for all of those who got out early and did not resort to prayer.

Secondly, a good friend of ours was having a very hard time in shidduchim, with a failed engagement and very few prospects.  We are thrilled that she was able to pray her own 40 days at the Kotel with much mesirut nefesh and got engaged to a wonderful man right after!

Mazel tov to Harry who landed the job he was waiting for during our 40 days of prayer for him and mazel tov to Anna, whose son got accepted into the best graduate program possible for him during his 40 days and who got offered the job he wanted on exactly day 40 despite his very average standing.

We love Hashem!!

We even love Hashem when He keeps His chesed and ways hidden from us and trust that He is behind everything in our lives, the happy as well as painful, just helping us to become the best people we can be and saving us from going in the wrong way…

Less than two weeks left to cash in on some of the most powerful prayer days of the year at the Kotel.  Don’t miss out!!!
You CAN help that struggling friend.
You CAN make your life better (as well as others).

Just try it!  Worst case scenario, you get the merit of supporting Torah in Jerusalem.

(If you haven’t yet signed up…) Pray for me for the 40 days through Purim and Pesach!!!

40 days from Purim to Pesach and Rav Chaim on Shidduchim

We’re SO excited!! 24 days til Purim!  As you may already know, on Purim, if a person asks us for tzedaka, we don’t check their credentials (as we would during the rest of the year); instead we just give without question.  So too, we trust Hashem will mirror our actions, by giving us whatever we ask for, without looking into whether or not we are worthy.  The essence of Purim is prayer!!!  It’s an eis ratzon (opportune time).  We are supposed to ask our Abba for EVERYTHING on that day.  Don’t forget! (We won’t…)

Incidentally, a friend of a friend heard Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, himself say that there existed a negative spiritual decree in shemayim in recent years that made it hard for many people to get married to the right person.   The Gadol declared that this gezeira was officially lifted this Rosh Hashanah – 5778.  That means that it will be easier for our prayers for marriage to be answered now please G-d, and hopefully for everything else as well!

40 days fall between the Fast of Esther (Feb 28), 2 days before Purim, and the 8th day of Passover.

What an incredible 40 days of prayer here at the Kotel!  Purim is so holy that the official name of Yom Kippur is Yom HaKippurim, or “a day like Purim”.  This time culminates in Pesach, during which the splitting of the red sea happened on the 7th day and the nation of Israel was freed from slavery and officially began their journey as ‘the chosen people’.  Yes I am referring to you chosen person!

We know that the calendar year holds within it certain spiritual energy that we are supposed to use in order to help ourselves get to our own redemption.  Each one of us struggles in a unique way, but each one of us attains our own personal redemption in the same way – through Torah, acts of loving kindness and prayer. We set up this non-profit as a way for you to do all 3 in one go.  Let’s all succeed together!

We will be at the Kotel davening hard for these 40 days between Taanis Esther and the 8th day of Pesach.

Be there with us!

With blessings,