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Hour Long Psalm Prayer Session Today for Peace in Israel!

Just an hour after this picture was taken at noon this afternoon, the Churva was filled to the brim with yeshiva boys and neighbourhood residents all called together to recite tehillim for more than an hour, in lieu of the potential strike by Syria and our enemies.

On the other side of the city, hundreds stood in line for hours, unsuccessfully trying to get their gas masks just as a precaution in the event of a strike.

Meanwhile, all was quiet and serene at the Kotel (Western Wall). kotel

People are always in a good mood and easily taken into a talk about spirituality here.

The month of Elul is in the air. We jump from shiur (Torah class) to shiur, each with another idea about what is the best thing to try and fix in our middos (character traits) and avodas Hashem (divine service) in the last few days we have left until judgment day (Rosh Hashanah).

I sat at the Kotel this morning and in business-like fashion, wrote out a list of all the possible things I could have done wrong this year, and all of the possible people I could have wronged this year. As I spoke aloud what I did and that I was truly sorry for it and never wanted to do it again, I crossed it off and went to the next, making sure to feel that it impacted my heart. I then went home and wrote a very difficult apology letter to a person I knew was upset at me (even though I quite honestly felt that I was the one who should be getting an apology). My hishtadlus (physical efforts in this spiritual world) was to get into her head-space and justify her, even if I technically did not have to.

When my kids got nervous today after their prayer session, I said they could take comfort in doing one thing to make shalom (peace) between them and each other in our home, so the Holy One will emulate us and make peace with our enemies.

I implore each one of you who reads this to do the same. Do one act to make peace with another person who feels either that you have wronged them, or forgive someone who you feel has wronged you. Even if you are right. Do it for the sake of the peace of the world. Making peace is greater than doing teshuva. Maybe it will be in your merit.

With blessings from Jerusalem,

Mazel tov to the Heizler Family!

One of our longest running prayer agents, Rabbi Menachem Heizler, was fortunate to marry off his daughter last night in Wolf Hall (Givat Shaul, Jerusalem) to a young man who learns in Zilberman’s yeshiva. It was a beautiful wedding and we are sure that they will continue in their parents’ footsteps and build a home dedicated to Torah and Mitzvot in the holy city of Jerusalem. Much of the Old City community came to wish the family a mazel tov. The mother of the kallah (bride), Avigail Heizler, is also beloved in her role as ganenet (teacher) in Gan Avigail – the school for 2-3 year old boys in the Old City located at the bottom of the 4 Sefardi Synagogues.

Congratulations from all of us and all of the people for whom you have prayed over the years!