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My Personal 40-Day Story, and Just a Week and a Half to Go Til 40 Days Leading to Zos Chanukah!!

So I always wonder how much to share in this forum.  Get personal? Be more formal?  But I decided that this story was a good one. You see, here I am always telling everyone to daven, daven, daven and never give up.  But who am I to speak? Everyone is different.  Everyone has their own story with Hashem and their own path and struggles.  But I believe that each one of us has something to take from everyone else’s journey that can help us on our own. I certainly get so much from all of your stories and struggles.  Perhaps you can get a little inspiration from mine..

After a serious life snag, last year I started a hefty personal mussar, self-improvement and davening program.

When Elul came around I decided to do the 40-days.  Funny, because saying it sounds so easy, but let me tell you it is NOT. It is extremely hard and trying. But Baruch Hashem I spent Rosh Chodesh Elul until Yom Kippur davening at the Kotel to marry a ben-Torah, and then some…

During my tefilos, as I went back up from the Kotel one day I saw a very shiny (that’s how I refer to chein) Rabbi performing a chuppah.  I felt the need to ask him for a bracha.  I felt silly, but did it anyway.  “Rav, I’m an almana with 5 kids, please bless me with a shidduch”.  The Rav gave a funny bracha.  He said that I should marry my zivug ‘this year’.  Interesting.  Very specific I thought, ok.

During the year, of the many kever-hopping prayer trips I took, one was to the Ukraine.  As I was in a park doing some self-reflection, I saw another very shiny bearded man with very clear blue eyes. He asked me for tzedaka and I felt the need to also ask him for a bracha for a shidduch.  He said that he was the only Jewish man in his town and came back to Judaism after a near-death experience which he feels left him with the power to give brachos.  He incidentally turned out to be the descendant of several of the most prominent Chassidic Rebbes in history.  His blessing was peculiar – that I should get married ‘this year’.  Interesting. Same bracha. I filed it into the shidduch folders in the back of my mind under ‘maybe’.

So dating.. dating wasn’t fun. As anyone in the shidduch parsha knows, especially in the later shidduch parsha.  Some people say it’s all about hishtadlus. NO. It’s all about Emunah. Davening. Conversation with Hashem.

The year was almost up. Maybe it wasn’t going to happen? I had come so close but yet so far.  I decided to enlist my new bar mitzvah boy with a job he was looking for – being my 40 days at the Kotel shliach with tehillim.  I handed him my realistic by idealistic list of needs in a shidduch.  My tefilos didn’t seem to be enough (chas v’shalom), maybe his tefilos with tehillim would be better received.  I kept upping the ante.  At the end of his 40 days, I met my new chassan.  Mazel tov!!! It was this year.  And all of our combined tefilos were answered.

So who tipped the scales and when? None of my business.  My business is to do as much as I can.  G-d will mind His business and I will mind my business :-)

The 40 days until Zos Chanukah starts Nov 11, in just a week and a half.

This is your chance to have us daven for you! (If you haven’t yet signed up…)

With love and gratitude from Jerusalem,


The Time of Miracles is Now!

This is it – the time of miracles.  I love how the Jewish calendar gives us times of joy, times of introspection, times to eat and times to fast. We have everything.  Human beings are not just one thing – we have so many sides to ourselves to feed, explore and develop.  Hashem makes our souls and beings also cycle in sync with the calendar and the spiritual energy available in the Universe – so that we can co-exist together in perfect harmony.

Now, in the month of Cheshvan, it’s the time to be still. We wait.  We long.  Why do we have nothing to celebrate?  Why no holidays?  Because our lack of celebration will lead us to long for simcha, which will ultimately culminate in the greatest celebration of all – the inauguration of the 3rd Beis HaMikdash in Cheshvan when Mashiach comes.

So too, in the month of Kislev, when darkness increases the most.  The days get shorter, the nights get longer and we begin to miss, and long for light because we don’t have it.  We long and we long just so that Hashem can give it to us and fulfill our new-found needs – with not just regular light, but with the greatest light that we can access the whole year – Chanukah, and especially Zos Chanukah.

Why do we not have health Hashem? Why aren’t we married yet?  Why doesn’t my sister have the job she wants?

She needs to want it, to long for it.  Ask for it. Work for it. And wait… that will create the vessel so that Hashem can give it to her, to you, and then you will feel the greatest joy and the greatest gratitude and the greatest connection possible to the One who answered your prayers… without the lack, there would be less connection and less potential for ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

In less than 3 weeks (Nov 11) begins the 40 day period that ends with Zos Chanukah (the 8th day of Chanukah). This day is so powerful and filled with so much spiritual light that Chassidut compares Zos Chanukah to Neilah on Yom Kippur. Some circles also refer to this time as the 3rd Neilah (closing of the Gates) from Yom Kippur (the second is Hoshanah Rabba). That means that this is our chance to still place our bid to seal a sweet judgment for us for the rest of the year.  To bring down the blessing to fill our lacks that were put there with intention.

Remember your Rosh Hashanah pledges? Remember your requests? Are you there yet?

Now is the time to go forward. To ask. To want.  To daven.  To fix yourself where you know you can improve.

Never give up!! You can accept G-d’s judgment and trust Him along the way but NEVER give up asking, NEVER give up pushing for more zchusim to get to where you want to go.  You can be there!!!  If you haven’t gotten a yes answer yet it means you need to daven MORE, harder, do more.  G-d’s business is G-d’s business.  Our business is to push harder and to also let go at the same time.

Let’s help you on your path at the place where G-d hears and reveals Himself most in this world.  Our Talmidei Chachamim are ready to pray for you for the 40 days leading up to this final Neilah.

Request now and spare Shira the last minute rush. Shira just had a baby boy by the way, Mazel Tov, but as usual will be on the other line to help you.

With tremendous outpouring of appreciation for your financial part in the rebuilding of Torah-life in the Old City of Jerusalem and with blessings that all of our prayers for you are soon answered sweetly,


Erev Rosh Hashanah Prayers in UMAN for You!!!

I am very happy to be writing to you from the holy Old City of Jerusalem in the spiritual month of Elul. It’s amazing how Elul is just in the air. Every moment and incident is a gentle, yet clear message from Above to correct and to guide us into a better and more aligned New Year. Where we fell during the year, we can fix more easily now.  Isn’t it wonderful to have an Abba in shamayim who spreads his ‘arms’ out in acceptance and says, “I’m here, I want to hear from you, I want you back. Come to me.”

Our eyes become more in tune and our hearts become more sensitive and willing to accept His guidance because His love just feels so good…

Of course, our job here at Western Wall Prayers is to use every possible spiritual resource available to help you come closer and get what you need in life.  So, we have decided once again to send our Jerusalem Torah scholars to Rebbe Nachman’s tomb (kever) in Uman, Ukraine on Erev Rosh Hashanah.

Amongst other things, Rebbe Nachman zt”l is famous for having promised to save those who come to his tomb on Erev Rosh Hashanah and pray the special Tikun HaKlali prayer (10 specific psalms said in a certain order). So, that is exactly what our prayer warriors will be doing for you. In fact, they will say the entire Tikun HaKlali exclusively for your prayer request.

One need not be Breslov to appreciate the greatness of this Holy Tzaddik and the merit that he has before the Almighty to influence our upcoming year’s judgment. It is an incredibly unique opportunity.  I thankfully had the zchus of going to Uman myself this year and can tell you that I felt no day or night there, just sincere prayer.  If you can’t be there in person, we will be there for you.

Pray for Me at Rebbe Nachman’s kever in Uman
(Under “Prayer Option” at the bottom of the page, choose “($36) Uman – Erev Rosh Hashanah Tikun Haklali”).

With blessings that you be signed and sealed for a sweet new year!


Last Chance to Get Your Prayers In! What Do You Want This Year?

It’s very exciting, and nerve-wracking to some extent.  The year 5778 is almost here.

What do you want this year to look like?
What do you want to happen?  For you?  Your family?  A friend?
Who do you want to be?

What are you waiting for?

This is your chance to have us beg Hashem for you at the place where all prayer goes up and the future site of the Beit HaMikdash!!! (If you haven’t already signed up.)

May all of our prayers for you be quickly answered!

With great love and brachos for a beautiful year ahead for you, and all of the world…


The Most Important 40 Days of Prayer of the Year Are NOW!!!

Each year on Rosh Hashanah, “all inhabitants of the world pass before G‑d like a flock of sheep,” and it is decreed in the heavenly court “who shall live, and who shall die … who shall be impoverished, and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise.” 

Since this is something serious, G-d gave us the entire month of Elul to reflect on the year gone by and prepare.  We are supposed to see where we went wrong and try to transform, to spend more time learning Torah, praying and giving charity.  To make it easier to judge us favorably, G-d illuminates His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy for us this month.  We especially feel this close to the Kotel.  It is such a special time and I am so excited!!!  And of course, also nervous, as it does lead up to Judgment Day.  The entire world is focusing on the Temple Mount now, and so are we.

Life will start anew then and anything can happen, to us, to our friends and family, and to the world…

The future is ours to create, the past is ours to erase. There’s strength in numbers and in partnerships and we can help each other to be more successful!  I once saw a yiddishe quote/joke. It said, “if we thought prayer worked, we would pay others to pray for us.” I guess the writers never surfed this site :-)

I also heard the quote, “if you don’t have time to earn Olam Haba yourself – then buy it!”  Meaning, give money to someone who is devoted to earning it every minute, then you earn it through him!

But seriously, notwithstanding the sarcasm, the underlining message is actually true.

Hashem gave us many ways to earn merit.  We only need to pick one.  Hashem gave us many avenues and opportunities to have our prayers heard, we only need to keep trying.  Always accept that whatever happens is for the best, but never ever give up when it comes to asking for what you want! You never know how many prayers are enough to tip the scales.

And if there is nothing that you want for yourself, I urge you to think of a needy friend or acquaintance that could use something and donate money for prayers on their behalf – you can even keep it a secret for extra merit!  We need all of the merit that we can get right now and as a Jew, you have so much power to influence the course of events this year just by doing chesed and giving charity and supporting Torah-learning (you get all 3 through these 40-days).  We need you to do your part more than ever now, especially to support Jewish presence at the Western Wall.  The Gedolim say, and the world sees, that Mashiach is around the corner…

Reserve my prayer agent now for the 40 days from Rosh Chodesh Elul thru Yom Kippur!

May Hashem bless you and your family with a year full of blessings, happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual and material success,


Mazel tov to… And 40 Days From R”CH Elul – YK

We hope you are having a wonderful summer. On this side of the world we are extremely excited by the many mazel tovs we have to give to our donors. Mazel tov to Kayla on becoming a kallah after her 40 days of prayer, to Ben on his first successful job offer in 9 months, to Leila on getting the mark she wanted on her board exams, to Mark, for beating his once very grim brain cancer diagnosis and to Sara, who after experiencing a lifetime of pain in her relationship with her mother, finally found some peace, healing and forgiveness. Stories like yours make us remember that anything is possible!  We feel incredibly privileged to be a part of your lives – in both your struggles and your triumphs.  May the struggles be short-lived and healing, and may the triumphs be sweet and plentiful!

In this effort, we wanted to make sure that you know about arguably the most important 40 days of the year coming up on Rosh Chodesh Elul (August 22nd) through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (September 30). Reserve your shliach now!

The verse from Shir HaShirim, “Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li” (“I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me”) alludes to the time between Rosh Chodesh Elul and Yom Kippur when Moshe went up to Har Sinai to pray for the forgiveness of the Jewish people. This is so because the total gematria of the last letter of each word equals exactly 40 (the number of days Moshe ascended to pray).  This is the source of our 40 days of prayer at the Kotel.  We will follow Moshe’s example by praying during this time in the hopes that Hashem also answers our prayers for you as He did Moshe’s for the Jewish people.

It is a very exciting, yet anxious time – knowing that the next year holds within it a completely new potential for us on all fronts – physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Anything is possible!

What will be – only Hashem knows.  But what can be depends largely on the efforts you put forth towards it… now.

There is no better time to do teshuva, give charity and engage in prayer.

There is no greater objective place to invest charity than to the mitzva of Torah-learning (especially in the real Jerusalem) because it is equivalent to doing all 613 mitzvot at once.

And, there is no greater place for prayer to elicit Divine help than by the Kotel.

Our shlichim will be at the Kotel for these incredible 40-days. Be there with us!

Pray for Me through Elul, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

With blessings for health and happiness, as well as spiritual and financial success for you and your family this year 5778,


How Great is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai? Lag B’Omer Prayers for You…

I’m so excited because it’s almost Lag B’Omer!  There is a story told that when the Ohr Chaim zt”l first asked his students to make a pilgrimage from Jerusalem to Meron to pray at Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai’s tomb, he got off his donkey at the bottom of Mt. Meron, got on his hands and legs and ‘hee-hawed’ like a donkey all the way up to the tomb.  Apparently it was to show his students that he compared to Rebbe Shimon zt”l, as his donkey compared to him.
When I heard that story, I thought “well then what does that make me?”.
Rebbe Shimon’s tomb is powerful to pray at any day, but on his yahrzeit – the heavens are wide open.
Our prayer agents are travelling there to pray their hearts out for you on this 33rd day of the Omer.
Don’t miss out!  They will either say your prayer and tehillim, or they will say your prayer as well as the special long prayer written at the tzaddik’s tomb.A donation of $18 or $36 respectively is requested.

Not to be missed!

Requests need to be made in the next few days.

(You can choose which type of prayer you would like under “Prayer Option”.)

With great love and support from Jerusalem,


Last Chance for Some of the Greatest Prayer Days of the Year!

We’re SO excited!! 11 days til Purim!  As you may already know, on Purim, if a person asks us for tzedaka, we don’t check their credentials (as we would during the rest of the year); instead we just give without question.  So too, we trust Hashem will mirror our actions, by giving us whatever we ask for, without looking into whether or not we are worthy on Purim.

It’s an eis ratzon (opportune time).  We will be at the Kotel davening extra hard and long for you on this day if you sign up for the 40 days between Taanis Esther and the 8th day of Pesach.

May Hashem answer all of our combined prayers and may you truly feel the light emanating from here!

Purim is for Prayer!! And How You Can Make Better Decisions In Life…

This is it – Purim is in the air and is coming up in just 2 and a half weeks.  It is an incredibly powerful day of prayer and teshuva.  In fact, Purim is so holy that Yom Kippur is actually called ‘Yom HaKippurim’ – a day that is like Purim.  We are meant to pour our hearts and souls out to Hashem and ask him for absolutely everything we need!  Don’t get too distracted by everything else going on in the day – Purim is for prayer!!  That’s why we are sending a prayer agent to the Kotel that day to say extra Tehillim on your behalf if you sign up for the 40 days between Ta’anis Esther and the 8th day of Pesach now!

Rabbis always tell me that peoples’ main issue is what to do in life.   Everyone wants to know what decisions to make.  How do I pick the best career for me, get the best job in the best place and for the best pay?  How do I pick the best spouse for me?  What makes this even more complicated is that there is no objective answer to this – what’s best for someone else likely won’t be best for you.  Plus, what you think is best for you may not wind up being best – only G-d knows what in the end is really best for us.

There is something you can do about this.

David HaMelech says that we should pray to Hashem that our thoughts and decisions should reflect Hashem’s will for us.

Every day when we wake up, we can say ‘Hashem, please guide all of my thoughts, decisions and actions today to be in line with what You want for me’.  Then you can relax – because even though you are driving the car, you are driving it in G-d’s direction, where the destination is the absolute best for your soul’s destiny.  When we take control, although we feel more secure on the outside, in truth we are less secure because inside we know that we cannot possibly know what’s best for us.  But when we give up control of the map by letting G-d “waze” the way, we can relax and feel more confident that whatever will be, is really the best for me.

We are here to help you with these and all of your prayers at the holiest place on earth for one of the holiest times of the year!  The Kabbalah sources teach that the feminine presence of G-d (the Shechina) will always dwell at the Kotel – especially during this time of hidden and revealed miracles.

May Hashem bless us all with perfect direction, with the ability to let go of full control of the wheel and with only revealed good on the stops and path of your life!

Pray for me through Purim and Pesach and we will say extra psalms for you on Purim!!! (If you haven’t already signed up.)

Take the opportunity now! Purim through Pesach 40 days! And Mazel Tovs to…

We miss you!  What’s happening in your life?

We feel very much invested in you, your successes and challenges, and feel honored and privileged that you share with us your prayer needs.

May Hashem soon answer all of them!

Some Mazel Tovs first… Mazel Tov to Shoshana on her engagement to Yehoshua after her 40 days at the Kotel, Mazel Tov to Melissa on her victory in court during her 40 days, and Mazel Tov to Edward on landing his dream job after his 2nd round of 40 days!

If you didn’t already know, Judaica Press recently published a book about my late husband:

We have been getting beautiful reviews about how it changed people’s lives.

In it I discovered a new 40 days story I had either not known or forgotten…

My sister-in-law in America, Jessica Burd, had been dating for many years but had not even come close to meeting a man she would consider marrying.  Since her devoted brother, Gershon zt’l, lived so close to the Kotel and felt her pain, he decided to pray for her for 40 consecutive days.

Guess what?

On exactly the 40th day Jessica got engaged to an amazing man Shmuel.

She only found out later about the prayers at the Wall.

Shmuel later enabled Jessica to co-write this book and publish the story….

You just never know when it’s your turn.

In just 3 weeks begins an incredibly powerful 40 day period of which you have to take advantage!  March 10th is the day after Taanis Esther and 40 days later is the 8th of Pesach.
During this time passes arguably the most powerful prayer day of the year (Purim) and culminates in the splitting of the Red Sea  – a time so powerful that it is compared to the finding of shidduchim.

Don’t miss this amazing time at the Kotel.

Reserve your prayer shliach now!

With blessings for only good things!